Get 2 Introductory lessons only $49.
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get 2 Introductory lessons only $49.

Start ballroom dancing today with Tempe's best dance teacher.

Kralev Dance students learning ballroom dance in Tempe

Achieve your dance goals with an experienced dance teacher.

NDCA Certified Dance Teacher

Trained and dedicated to providing high-standards in dance education with the National Dance Council of America.

30 Years Experience

Training with Professional Ballroom World Champions, coaches and celebrity dancers.

International Ballroom Champion

A 10x winner of the Dance Champion of Bulgaria in both International Standard and International Latin categories.

Tempe's Best Dance Teacher

Our training and experience means you get stress-free, easy to learn dance concepts that are personalized, supportive, and dare we say it, delightful.

Kralev Dance students learning ballroom dance in Tempe

Dance lessons that are actually fun and easy to learn!

Learning to dance should never be stressful or difficult to learn! Kralev Dance is known for bringing the fun into learning how to dance. Get ready to dance, laugh and have a great time learning to dance with Kralev Dance!

Benefits of Dance

Studies have shown that Dancing is the No #1 most healthful exercise you can do! Dancing can improve cardiovascular health and fitness, burn calories and help you lose weight, help stave off dementia, and contribute to enhanced longevity! 

Improve Cardiovascular Health

Increase muscular strength, endurance, motor fitness and mental functioning.

Improve Aerobic Fitness and Weight Management

Energetic dancing can burn anywhere from 200-450 calories or more in just 30 minutes and your body doesn't associate dancing with exercise!

Increased Physical Confidence

Dancing promotes a positive self-image and can help improve your self-confidence. The comfort and familiarity with yourself will grow and you’ll be able to look at yourself in a more positive light.

Kralev Dance students learning ballroom dance in Tempe

Take a step in the right direction and start ballroom dancing today!

From Our Students

“We absolutely adore Niki! He is a fantastic teacher, who always makes learning dance fun! It took years to convince my husband to take a dance class with me, and now he’s actually excited to go!”

“Niki is a great dancer, instructor and person. Very patient with a great attention to detail.”

Niki is a wonderful instructor. He has the expertise to help anyone become a better dancer. I appreciate everything he’s done for me. He helped me find new competition dresses, and has connections with dance masters that help my dancing.

He is detail oriented, and sometimes making little changes makes a huge difference. He spends the time to find “moves” that look the best or work the best for me.

When dancing with him, I noticed that he doesn’t out dance me, and makes me look good-although he could easily out dance me!